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14 Days - Secluded Luxury Honeymoon in Vietnam

Experience the romance of undulating mountains and pristine beaches on this custom tailored tour through Vietnam. From luxurious resorts on private islands to emerald terraced hillsides that stretch across the landscape, from the colorful textiles of local villagers to magnificent tiger fish floating above the coral reef, you will find the culture of the northern mountains and the opulence of immaculate beaches. Explore the historic depths of ancient neighborhoods and enjoy a moonlit stroll through the temperate island jungle. Let the comforts of a dreamy hideaway create a lifetime of memories with the one you love. Indulge in the charm and luxury of Vietnam on this 14-day tour that will take you through the secluded northern mountains and onto the illustrious beaches of a private island. Visit with the local hill tribes outside of Sapa and witness the tremendous landscape of the undulating mountain range. Delight in a perfect breakfast while overlooking the crystal waters of Nha Trang Bay. From scuba diving to hiking, and from seeing the exceptional colors of cultural clothing to tasting the exquisite flavors of five-star restaurants, you will find the splendor of a Vietnam getaway and you will never want to leave. Your fabulous honeymoon begins with your arrival in Hanoi. The city is romantic and quaint, filled with cosmopolitan comfort and ancient charisma. Spend a day leisurely exploring the city, from Hoan Kiem Lake to the Old Quarter. The following day you will have the choice of visitng the old villages along the Red River Delta or venturing to those situated around the capital while on a cycle tour. From Hanoi you will step onto a night train which will have you in Lao Cai by morning. A private transfer will take you to Sapa to visit the sensational morning market before venturing down into the gorgeous valley below. Visit H’mong ethnic minority villages and Red Dao people. Explore Giang Ta Chai Village and spend the afternoon and evening at Topas Eco Lodge. The following night you will board the train for Hanoi. The next afternoon you fly to Nha Trang or Danang to visit the private island of your choice. Nha Trang will take you to the luxurious Evason Hideaway Resort and Danang will have you settled into Le Domain de Tam Hai. You will have seven nights to indulge in the unparalleled comforts of the resorts that give you seclusion, luxury, and spectacular views of the immaculate landscape. Spend your time exploring the surrounding tropical jungle, snorkeling in the pristine water, or just relaxing on the beach. At the end of your time in private lavishness you will be escorted to the airport for your flight home.

Exceptional experiences:
+ Enjoy a full day private tour of the ancient and modern neighborhoods of Hanoi
+ Experience the remarkable cultures of the ethnic hill tribes around Vietnam’s northern mountains
+ Witness the exceptional landscape of terraced paddy fields and stunning waterfalls around Sapa
+ Indulge in the romance of an inclusive resort located on a private island in Nha Trang Bay
+ Explore Nha Trang Bay and the Marine Reserve on a scuba excursion
+ Spend time on the secluded sands of Bai Nho Private Beach
+ Luxuriate in the mountain landscape at Topas Eco Lodge

Itinerary day by day:
Day 01: Alluring Cities

Hanoi is exotic and relatable, traditional and cosmopolitan. You arrive at the airport and are met by your private transfer who escorts you to your luxurious hotel in the center of the city. The charm of Hanoi is apparent in the streets. The skyline is dispersed and elegant. Vibrant trees wrap around the serene and romantic Hoan Kiem Lake. The French Quarter contains wide boulevards lined with greenery. The air is scented with ginger and chili that blends with the aroma of fresh baguettes. The day is at your leisure to stroll through the historic streets that date back a millennium or enjoy the strong and flavorful Vietnamese coffee at KOTO, a lovely cafe that offers underprivileged children the chance to learn the restaurant trade.

In the evening you will enjoy a delightful candle-lit dinner inside an elegant French Colonial building before viewing the Water Puppet Show. The art form dates back to the 11th century and began in the flooded fields of rural Vietnam. Now it is one of the most popular traditional shows in the entire country. The colors are euphoric and the puppeteers are masterful. You watch them tell the ancient stories that have persisted through generations, expressed through theater and marveled at by locals and visitors alike.
What’s Included: transfer, accommodation

Day 02: The Romance of Leisure
You wake up to the scent of freshly brewed Vietnamese coffee and warm, baked brioche. The French Colonial architecture continues to mark the modern culture of Vietnam and has blended into the traditions of Hanoi. After breakfast the day is yours to explore the city at your leisure. You can always enjoy a romantic visit to Hoan Kiam Lake. The water is tranquil and reflects the lushness of the overhanging trees. There is a mesmerizing ardor of Huc Bridge. Its entire body is painted a rich red. The wooden bridge arches over the water and connects the shore to Jade Island where you can find the Temple of Jade Mountain.

The temple was constructed in the 18th century and honors a 13th century military leader. When you look over the side of the bridge you can see tiny ripples in the water. Endangered giant soft-shell turtles swim in the lake and seeing one is very auspicious. In the evening you can enjoy the ambience and flavors of the Green Tangerine restaurant. The quaint bistro decor combines the crisp tastes of Vietnam and the ambiance of the treasured alleyways of Paris. The king prawns cooked with mango offer a sweet and succulent cuisine to the night.
What’s Included: breakfast, accommodation

Day 03: The Culture of the Red River Delta
After breakfast your guide meets you at your hotel ready to escort you into the countryside. Arrive in Duong Lam Village. The homes stretch along the Red River and date back almost 400 years. The traditional homes were built with mud and soil that is rich in iron. The water is tranquil and glassy. The villagers are gregarious. Large water buffalo pull carts through the main road which is paved with gravel. In the fields you see women wearing conical hats to protect themselves from the tropical sun. The fields make the countryside look as if it were paved with emeralds. Tall grass stretches into the distance. The village and its surroundings remain a stronghold in the wet rice farming culture. There is more than charisma in the people and their daily work; there is a connection to the little everyday details of enjoying life. In the afternoon you return to Hanoi and climb into a luxurious overnight train car that will take you north to Sapa.
What’s Included: breakfast, lunch, tour, transfer, accommodation

Day 04: The Remarkable North
In the morning you arrive in Lao Cai and are met by your private transfer. Soon you come to Sapa, a city found near the border of China. The high altitude gives you an opportunity to look out over the surrounding valleys and see the sensational morning mist that seems to be floating just below the hilltops. You can see Fan Si Pan, Vietnam’s highest peak, which reaches over 10,300 feet above sea level. After breakfast the early hour mist has disappeared and you follow your guide down into the stunning valley to visit the H’mong ethnic minority villages. The H’mong account for almost 52 percent of the community in and around Sapa.

The valley is rich and deep. The foothills are tiered with paddy fields. The lavish greenery shimmers in and around the village. The H’mong villagers are shy at first but the longer you stay the more open they become. The children’s smiles almost glow. The women wear sharp black blouses that have tremendously embroidered geometric designs embroidered on the sleeves. You watch some of the older women weave the clothing as they sit on their porch beneath an overhanging roof. The people are jovial in the midst of their workday as they weave and farm, eat and launder.
What’s Included: breakfast, lunch, dinner, tour, transfer, accommodation

Day 05: The Rural Difference
The morning sun reaches down into the valley and spreads over the vast undulating grasslands. After breakfast you say goodbye to your village hosts and continue your exploration of the northern countryside. You traverse the hills and valley and come to more terraced hills which give texture to the panorama. When you arrive at the Red Dao village of Giang Ta Chai you are eager to visit the people and understand the difference in the variety of ethnic tribes around Vietnam. The village is built on the mountain slopes and stretches down to the flatland. The houses are rectangular and built with bamboo and wood.

Their culture and traditions date back almost 2,000 years. The women wear bright colors and embelish their shirts with decorations made from silver. The men and women often cover their heads with red scarves. In the evening you will come to Topas Eco Lodge located on a hilltop deep in Hoang Lien National Park. The hotel offers premium luxury in optimum seclusion. When you settle into your comfortable accommodation you can look out over the wide valley and see the paddy fields along the mountains.
What’s Included: breakfast, lunch, dinner, tour, accommodation

Day 06: A Day with the Landscape
The day is yours to enjoy the offerings of the Topas Eco Lodge and the surrounding luscious countryside. Whether mountain biking or trekking through the remarkable landscape our visiting one of the famous cultural markets in the town, the day will be filled with beauty and charm. On Sundays the Bac Ha Market brings people of the surrounding ethnic tribes to town as vendors. Black H’mong, Red Dao, and even Flower H’mong arrive early. The streets are filled with emotional warmth and traditional costumes.  

The market is at its peak earlier in the day when the colorful goods of many tribes are not only on display but for sale, from impeccably embroidered shirts to vibrant umbrellas. Women walk through the market with large baskets strapped to their backs to hold their goods, whether the ones they sell or those that they have bought throughout the day. You notice some people selling chilies that are a shade of red you have never seen before. You will eventually leave the bustle of the market behind. In the evening you will step onto your overnight train and make the return journey to Hanoi.
What’s Included: breakfast, lunch, dinner, tour, transfer, accommodation

Day 07: The Beauty of Exclusivity
You return to Hanoi in the early day. After breakfast you have the remainder of the morning to enjoy the subtle bustle of Hanoi and its familiar charm. In the afternoon you will make your flight to Nha Trang and be taken by private speedboat to the Evason Hideaway, one of Vietnam’s most exclusive hotels and scenic getaways. The boat speeds you along the pristine waters of the Eastern Sea. You watch the long stretch of Nha Trang’s coastline shrink into the distance.

You come to Ninh Van Bay and notice the glossy sheen of the white sand beach that is bordered by lush tropical trees. Step onto the jetty and be greeted by the friendly and helpful staff. Soon you will be situated in your comfortable and luxurious room that overlooks the bay’s sapphire water. When the sun begins to set over the horizon the scent of fresh grilled seafood lingers in the air. The orange and red sky fades into night and the quiet sounds of the private beach soothe you.
What’s Included: breakfast, transfer, accommodation

Day 08: The Wonders of the Bay
The days in your own private island paradise are to be enjoyed at your leisure. Whether you prefer to spend your time sitting in the warm, pristine sand listening to the gentle crash of the water or venturing onto the South China Sea for a romantic cruise, you can do as much or as little as you’d like on and around the island’s secluded shores. You can always enjoy a Saturday morning trek to the private beach of Bai Nho. The morning begins with fresh pastries that fill the air with a buttery sweetness. You follow your guide through the vivacious trees.

The leaves dangle and sway in the early breeze. The sky is as bright and blue as the sea. In the distance you see endangered black-shanked langur monkeys. Their faces are a grayish-blue, surrounded by white whiskers. They sit on the open branches with their tails dangling down like a string. You reach the beach and look out over the gorgeous panorama. The water sparkles beneath the sun and refreshingly cool. The sand is warm and embracing. You can lounge on the beach and enjoy the solitude.
What’s Included: breakfast, lunch, dinner, accommodation

Day 09: The Indulgence of Decisions
Wake up to the gentle sounds of the water lapping at the shore. You can see the morning hues stretching over the sea. The day is yours to indulge in the beauty of your surroundings. Whether you prefer to lounge in the warm sand on the edges of the cool sea or venture out onto the water of a marine expedition, you can be sure that the day will be stunning.  A scuba diving tour will take you out into the major coral center of the East Vietnam Sea. The water is filled with over 389 varieties of soft and hard coral.

When you splash into the water you find the sunlight shining beneath the surface and illuminating the aquatic life. At the Coral Gardens dive site you can find the rainbow colors of the coral shimmering in the crystal water. The coral looks like an expansive garden encompassing the undulating rocky sea floor. Lionfish swim near the calcite formations. Their fins wave in the current like a lion’s mane in the breeze. Their striped coloration is vibrant and intimidating. When you return to shore the aroma of poached lobster and zesty limejuice brings the gorgeous day to a romantic and fulfilling end.
What’s Included: breakfast, lunch, dinner, accommodation

Day 10: The Island Life
You wake up to the soothing sounds of the island life outside of your room. The water ripples in the sunlight. Fishing boats are anchored in the distance. You can enjoy a secluded breakfast on your balcony as you watch the sun rise just a little bit higher throughout the morning. After your meal you can enjoy a variety of choices for activities. Among these options is following a hiking trail that leads to the top of Heo Mountain. You can hear the trees rustle around you as you reach the summit. The panorama is all encompassing. You can see the crystal clear water and the resort’s roofing just under the edges of the tree line. Sporadic clouds drift lazily through the sky. The branches rustle once again and you notice the monkeys running through the canopy. The sweet air and the prolific trees give you plenty of romance in the unfettered ambience of nature.
What’s Included: breakfast, lunch, dinner, accommodation

Day 11: Luxurious Touch
The day begins whenever you choose. You can hear the birds chirping in the trees. Fishing boats come and go in the distant water. You delight in a leisurely breakfast before you leave the comforts of your room. You can look out on both the shoreline and the canopy from different windows. Today you can even enjoy a couple’s massage at the Six Senses Spa. The scent of eucalyptus and incense help infuse a relaxed aroma through the air. You can feel the soothing touch of the masseuse unwind your muscles. The gentle sounds of the jungle add to the ambiance. Afterwards you indulge in beachside yoga that will rejuvenate your body and soul. As the sun lingers in the afternoon sky you reach and stretch your body to help counteract the far off stress of real life.  
What’s Included: breakfast, lunch, dinner, accommodation

Day 12: The Surrounding Islands
The magnificence of the sea goes beyond the shoreline and the wondrous world along the seafloor. Today you can enjoy an excursion to the surrounding islands on a speedboat tour around Nha Trang Bay. From white powder beaches to enormous palm trees that reach over the pristine water, you can explore the natural beauty of the surroundings islands. Beyond the islands is the interesting culture of the floating village. Local fishermen have constructed houseboats that drift and wade in the bay. You notice buoys and nets beneath the homes. The nets are filled with fish and lobster, raised by the fishermen for sale and use. The tradition of the floating homes in Vietnam dates back millennia. When you return to the shore you can sit back, relax, and watch the water brush against the sand as you sip a cool drink in the hot sun.
What’s Included: breakfast, lunch, dinner, accommodation

Day 13: The Coupling Effect
Today is your final full day in the relaxing and secluded setting of your private getaway. With the day at your beckon call you can enjoy another excursion out onto the water or sit in the pool and watch the sky drift by. For a romantic and treasured experience you can partake in a five-star cooking class that will allow you to recreate the flavors you tasted throughout your time in Vietnam. The light and fresh herbs and vegetables bring crisp flavor and herbaceous aromas to the kitchen. Follow the demonstrations of your private chef as you are guided through each step of preparation, from ingredients to dicing, cooking to tasting. By the end of the course you will be able to dip your homemade prawn hand rolls into the fresh peanut sauce you’ve just created and taste the succulent flavors of your romantic vacation.
What’s Included: breakfast, lunch, dinner, accommodation

Day 14: Returning from the Hideaway
Today you will have the morning at your leisure. Enjoy the view from your room once last time as you sip your fresh brewed Vietnamese coffee. You listen to the water’s ebb and flow. You hear the monkey’s rustling the branches. You watch the sunlight spread over the surface of the sea. Your private transfer will return you to the main land where you will soon arrive at the airport for your flight home. You have ventured to secluded mountaintops and private islands and now you will take all these unforgettable memories home with you.
What’s Included: breakfast, transfer

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